Well DONE Graduates

Very soon, you will receive the name of becoming a DONE graduate. A ‘Developer of New Environments’.

That title represents many things. And amongst everything it will come to mean to you, I hope it will also remind you of the environment that you created here, which I believe can always re-inspire and re-kindle your inner strength whenever you need it to.

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DONE 016 update

Dear friends,
The first week of DONE 016 has passed and we all had chance to get to know each other and start the education. We are a very diverse group of 60 this year including participants and staff; with 35 nations and 6 continents represented, through all parents’ nationalities. It’s a really wonderful mix of personalities and characters. Continue reading

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Be original in Ivory Coast

Joint project of the ESGD and Ivorian 2nd generation

We are very excited and happy to share that some ESGD members and supporting European 2nd gen have recently returned from Abidjan in Ivory Coast. We co-organised a West African summer workshop for more than 120 African blessed children. True Father emphasised during his European Tour in 2011 that Europe should have a significant role in supporting Africa. We are glad we could contribute to his wish and that such a co-operation could come about in precious area of education for Blessed Children. Continue reading