Update on projects and workshops

Dear brothers and sisters,
We hope that you and your families have been coping well with the ongoing pandemic. We wish that you are keeping healthy and in good spirits, despite the restrictions and fears we are confronted with. We also want to keep in mind those who are more directly impacted by Covid-19; whether you are from a more affected region, have people close to you who have become ill, or have family members working in essential services at this challenging time.
Based on the developing situation we will see if we can go ahead with the summer workshops as announced. We want to be hopeful, but also realistic and responsible.

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Projects for DONE Graduates in 2020

Dear friends from all around the world,
We are excited and happy to announce special projects in 2020, the 21+ DONE graduates WS as well as DONE GG Reunion! Find key information for the two activities designed specifically as follow-up for DONE graduates. We hope to utilise the shared foundation so that we can create great value in a short space of time. Continue reading

European Summer 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We are pleased to announce the dates of the ESGD Summer Activities for 2020; we hope that we can see many of you returning, and meet some new faces as well. We will work on and announce the motto for Summer 2020 later in April 2020 when registrations officially open at our website. However, we wanted to at least give you the dates to help with your planning as families, and to help those interested in applying as staff.

We will provide more information about the workshops and registrations by the end of May at latest. It is due to Covid-19 pandemic that we need to wait with making a decision about the workshops. We want to be hopeful, but also realistic and responsible.

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DONE 019 is on the way

DONE 019 successfully started this week. We are a group of 40 from all around the world.  After the kick off WS we are now ready to start DP academic studies. We appreciate support of all parents, families and friends of DONE participants and staff. Continue reading