HDH inspiration

Reading a speech from 25 years ago to this day on the 27th Day of all things 4/6/89. Here is an extract from the closing of the speech:

Safeguard Your Purity

The younger second generation really should take precautions and do not even think about sex. In the Garden of Eden, did Adam and Eve kiss each other? While they were growing, they certainly noticed their physical differences because they were naked. But that was all. They didn’t know why. They just wondered, but that was the extent of it. When they kissed, that was a serious action.

We don’t understand enough how serious the man and woman relationship is. The place of sex is meant to be holy, but Satan invaded it. The husband’s sexual organ is owned by his wife, and the wife’s is owned by her husband. God is clever and wise. If something is not yours, you oughtn’t misuse it.

Clearly woman was born for man and man for woman. Both are looking all around for the other. The first time one sees the other naked, all kinds of feelings are stirred up. You cannot sleep or stay in one place. In love, neither man nor woman can control himself or herself. You must be so careful not to be too close to anyone except your spouse. You cannot undo a mistake of this kind. This is a very serious point.

Now do we know more about ownership? Everything should be owned by Parents and God through the help of the spirit world, which is the angelic world. We must return everything to God; even we dedicate ourselves to God. My day is not my day at all — it belongs to God. Just as I have been living all my life for God, so should you live your days for Him. I have always been finding out how to forget that I am tired and go on forever, if necessary, until the mission is fulfilled. Even if everybody else drops away on the left and right, still I know that somebody is going this way without giving up.

At last ownership will be restored to True Parents and God. Without restoring ownership you cannot get into heaven. This is the Divine Principle. “Divine” means it cannot change. No matter how difficult our life is, we have to return to the original ideal. This is the desire of God, True Parents, and all the saints. If you are working to follow True Parents’ purpose and way, then you will reach heaven — no problem. For example, if you want to study, what is your purpose? It should be for God, humanity, and for our tradition centering on True Parents. I spend long hours talking. Why do I talk so long? For God and humanity.

Do you want to liberate all things still owned by unrighteous people and return them to God? If so, please pledge yourselves to be the instruments to do that. You have to memorize this point. No more thinking: “I don’t like that; I don’t want to do that.” You must stop pursuing things which have no value and instead go in a noble direction. Everything, including your blood lineage, must change ownership. Otherwise you cannot be an original ancestor of the ideal way. Those who pledge to do this, raise your hands.