Words of Prayer

How many hours do you spend eating every day? Would it not be almost an hour and a half? You spend on the average one and a half hours eating. For spiritual work, you must invest much more than the amount of time you spend on eating. I have come to understand this fact through numerous years of my life of faith. (70 171, 1974.2.9)

Prayers are always fulfilled. Through prayer we receive energy and are shown the future prospects of how problems will unfold. You will be taught, “In this situation, do things like this, and in that kind of work, do things like that.” You can accomplish great things by knowing this. Only through prayer can you pioneer that kind of path. You must know that praying is more essential than eating your meals. (104-111, 1979.4.15)

An extract from Cheon Seong Gyeung
Book 7 – A Life of Prayer 2.2