Aloha from Kona, Hawaii

hawaiiIt is already the 4th full day of the Aloha Reunion, a special 14d workshop for Blessed Children (15-16 years old) from around the world. True Mother expressed the importance of good education for our 2nd & 3rd Generation to raise children of filial piety who understand God’s loving heart, with the hope of raising future leaders. In line with this purpose, the motto is “Let us become Filial Children to Heavenly Parent & True Parents!”

True Mother addressed the group during the Opening Ceremony, encouraging them to develop their pure hearts to spread the blessings that they receive to the world. She said that we are like pure water from a deep source that can naturally overcome any obstacle through giving true love. Flowing water can get through any obstacle in its way. She encouraged them to dream big and take ownership of their own lives, and spread the Blessings to others.

The people involved here are all very open, supportive and kind to each other, despite the language barriers. We are just at the beginning of the workshop and the spirit is already very high. Five of our European brothers and sisters are taking part of this, and one staff member from the ESGD. We are very grateful to be part of this, and hope to share this blessing with you in one way or another.

The workshop is held from the 22.7 to 4.8 this summer, sponsored by the WonMo PyeongAe Foundation. We ask for your contribution of positive thoughts and prayers for True Parents, True Family and the Aloha Reunion. Mahalo!