How was the Football WS

This year’s football workshop took place in France, Chamarande from the 22nd to the 30th of July. We were a group of 21. We had a nice time and a great workshop 🙂

We started with dinner, once everyone arrived, and had an orientation where staff and teams were introduced for the workshop. Throughout the workshop the players would train and do activities most of the time in teams and were also competing to complete each training aspect to the best of their ability. There were only three teams so 3 points would be awarded for a team finishing 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd. This helped motivate people to do the training well, especially when hot and tired.

Training was tough, but everyone worked hard and was eager to improve their football skills. There were great opportunities to see the training in practice as we had a friendly game against the local French Bc’s team called FC Sonics, an 8 aside tournament with up to 6 teams and a final friendly on the last day again against FC Sonics. Days of rest including activities like a trip to Paris and swimming which was good bonding time.

The daily schedule would contain HDH in the morning, breakfast, then a morning service before training. This really helped to bring across the important internal points for having a good mind set during training, competition and team work in sports in general. Overall we as players could really learn that when you invest in a sport it can be very emotional and fallen nature can take over at any time during a game. We could realise that the most important thing is to not be consumed by the emotion, but allow it to motivate you to work hard for the sake of the team, this way we can become stronger people of character ready to take on many challenges for a higher purpose. ‘Sport, is the school of courage’ – I think many could experience this as I myself witnessed many courageous moments during this workshop from many great players. Thank you Urdo and the rest of the team that made it possible to have such a fantastic workshop.

By Sean