How was the “Breaking Or Building WS”?


With this ‘Breaking or Building’ SAWS 21+ workshop (November 2015), we wanted to offer time for elder 2nd generation to share in honest reflection and receive relevant content to help each other gain a better perspective on the issues that have real value in our lives. Altogether, we were 25 participants, representing 8 different nations and it was clear from the first evening, that everyone had come with this goal very much in mind.

The depth and sincerity in the way people expressed themselves for their self-introductions set the tone immediately for the short workshop and guaranteed many honest and passionate discussions both within and outside of the schedule. Many participants expressed that they were inspired to come to a place where they felt they could ask about questions that mattered to them and receive answers and perspectives that they hadn’t been able to find elsewhere.

Indeed, many of these discussions were stimulated by Uncle William Haines and Uncle Frank Kaufmann’s insightful content. They took great care in selecting the most relevant and helpful content to explore, and presented topics in such a way that encouraged much discussion and thought. The main areas covered included: The history of the Unification Church from the advent of True Fathers work and possible wrong turns; Understanding the situation of true family through studying biblical stories; and what is the ideal perspective and way forward for us as members, based on current events.

The presentations led to the climax on the first day where there was an optional Q&A session in the evening. The value of the Blessing and the identity of 2nd Gen was discussed thoroughly and everyone attended. In the final sessions on Sunday, William talked about Home Church and Frank offered some reflections on the question “What next?” Both were a fitting close to the weekend, as they allowed us to reflect on the impact we can have if we are serious about our identity and fulfilling the potential we have as a community, in whatever fields we choose to work in.



We were made more aware of the intensity of the time, which calls for us all to be clear and reflective in digesting and dealing with the very real challenges that we have to overcome on almost every level as a movement. Equally, there was a definite sense of hope in realising that a significant way we can move forwards will come from each one of us taking more responsibility to lead principled and spiritual lives and to contribute in building the communities we want to live in.

As staff, we felt very encouraged that this kind of workshop and experience together is invaluable. We therefore want to do our best to offer similar BoB workshops in the coming year and look forward to hearing from you if you are interested.



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