Blessed Couples Retreat

Dear Blessed couples,
We are happy invite you to our Blessed Couples Retreat 26th–29th May 2016 (from Thursday to Sunday). It will take place at the San Lorenzo a Linari residence, in the wonderful Italian region of Tuscany. Registration is open now!

We want to offer this time as an opportunity to reflect together, and learn about things, which can help us to better develop and experience joy in our partnership as a Blessed couple. There will be some presentations from ESGD/ Second Gen Blessing Dept. team members, alongside some activities to connect as couples and as brothers and sisters.

Building a God-centered marriage, and developing a ‘Blessing lifestyle’ is something we want to strive for together, for the sake of our future communities. We therefore believe that it is worthwhile to take some time for marriage enrichment and that the investment of the long weekend could be the right opportunity for you as a couple to attend on this occasion. We want to target Blessed Couples who were Blessed in the last 4 years; those still in the early stages of Blessed and married life, but we do not want to make it exclusive to that group.

The location provides the opportunity for couples to have a private room, with communal lounge areas. As a group we will be able to share the schedule together in peaceful surroundings, and also to go out and experience the beautiful landscapes and historical cities of Tuscany. It could also provide a good opportunity for you as a couple to attend the couples retreat, and then take some additional time to holiday in the surrounding area before or after.

Key information

Invited are: Second Generation and Jacob Children who have received the Blessing
Content: Developing our ‘Blessing lifestyle’. Creating a loving partnership.
Dates: 26 May (Thursday) – 29 May 2016 (Sunday)
Arrival: by 18:00 on 26 May to Siena (or to San Lorenzo a Linari residence)
Departure: after 13:00 on 29 May from Siena (or from San Lorenzo a Linari residence)
Place: San Lorenzo a Linari residence

WS fee (includes sponsoring)
Current WS fee: 125 EUR
We must pay for the accommodation in advance, therefore you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit fee 50 EUR after your registration.

The WS is full!

Travel info:
We will provide pick up from Siena. If you travel to Italy by airplane, please look for bus or train connection from the airport to Siena. We would recommend booking flights to Florence, Rome or possibly Pisa and Bologna Airport.
If you travel by car then arrive directly to San Lorenzo a Linari residence. You will find address and directions at the residence website.

We look forward to being together and spending good quality time with each other.

The ESGD staff