Second Gen Educators’ WS

We are happy to invite you to our Second Generation Educators’ Workshop on 21-24 April 2016, which is based on the tradition of annual European HARP Leaders’ Workshops. One focus of this workshop is education for HARP (aged 12-18). Another focal point is education and further support for older Blessed Children (aged 18+).

We believe that investing in Second Gen education does make a difference in the lives of Blessed Children. For this reason, we see it as valuable to invest in fellow educators and leaders who feel a calling to care. The work we are involved with is certainly not straightforward or simple; for that reason we need guidance to develop what we can offer in our efforts. We all need opportunities to connect with each other, share and learn together, gain new perspectives and re-energize for our work. This workshop is therefore a valuable opportunity for BCs involved in the education of our teenage youth as well as of older BCs to meet and make personal relationships. It also contributes to deepening our cooperation on the European level, as a network of brothers and sisters investing in 2nd Generation Care and Education.

Through this WS we want to offer guidance on the key themes and issues. We want this workshop to address your needs and concerns, so if you have any suggestions on what topics should be included please let us know.

The main topics on our agenda are:

  • Vision for our work and internal guidance from the ESGD
  • Blessed children Matching & Blessing education
  • Purity Education
  • Leadership
  • Sharing best practices & developing ideas
  • European Summer Activities 2016

We warmly invite anyone who is taking some responsibility within an existing HARP/18+ care structure to seriously consider whether this is a good opportunity to receive education, support, and to participate wholeheartedly. We hope that if you are taking responsibility in your nation you can receive some financial support, and that it will not be a reason to stop people from coming. If there is no budget in your country to support it, please inform us and we will do our best to find a good solution. Remember to register for this WS, and wait for confirmation before booking flights (as there is a limited capacity).

Key information:
Place: Dunajska Luzna, Bratislava, Slovakia
Arrival: Thursday 21 April 2016 by 19:00 to Bratislava
Departure: Sunday 24 April 2016 after 13:00
Fee: 120 € (for each participant)

Please register latest by 7 April 2016 online here
Early registrations are very welcome.

The nearest airport is Bratislava (BTS). Please note that Ryan-Air and other Low Cost Airlines fly to Bratislava. The next closest airport is Vienna Schwechat (1 hour bus drive from Bratislava). Try to book your flights in advance to get them cheap. Please note that we can only provide pick up in Bratislava city (airport, bus or train stations). Further detailed information about local travel will be provided after registration.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!

The ESGD team