SAWS 21+ WS: Breaking or Building?

Time for honest reflection & forward thinking

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,
We are very happy to invite you to another Breaking or Building workshop for elder Second Generation, taking place in Chiselhurst, near London, from Friday 13th May to Sunday 15th May. We hold 2 workshops after each other in May to provide the opportunity for people in different parts of Europe. Do not miss out and join at least one of them 🙂

This workshop has been successfully in Rome (May 2015) and Luzna (November 2015) and in response to several requests, we would like to offer this unique workshop in the UK together with UK Education Department. It will be an opportunity to reflect on current issues in our movement and in our communities, so that we can find healthy approaches that can help us move forwards in our lives of faith.

With the personal challenges that we all face including lifestyle choices and career options, as well as wider concerns regarding the future of our movement, we can sometimes find ourselves both overwhelmed and unsettled. Every now and then, we all need time to regain a sense of direction and clarity, a sense of hope and purpose, and opportunities for deeper reflection and connections with brothers and sisters.

However, we also want to find a way forward on our spiritual path together, and consider what we can do. With our guest speakers and combined insights, we believe that we can go deep into the heart of these matters. With this in mind, we hope that in the tranquil setting of Livingstone House, we can take some time to reflect, reconnect but also to receive some relevant and helpful content to gain a better perspective on the issues that have real value in our lives. We hope that this theme can provide us with strength to be clearer and more confident in how we are doing and how we want to move forwards, together as elder second generation.

The programme will consist of sessions based on the theme as well as time for discussions and sharing. We also want to offer a balanced schedule and shape it based on the dynamics of the group; with some free time for leisure.


Key speakers: Dr. Frank Kaufmann (USA) and William Haines (UK)
Participants: Invited are those aged 21+
Dates: Friday 13th May â€“ Sunday 15th May
Venue: Livingstone House, Chiselhurst, England
Cost: 60 GBP per participant (this is a subsidised fee)
Arrival: Friday 13th May (ideally before 20:00; the first session starts at 21:00! Departure: Sunday 15th May after 14:00.
Travel:  The nearest airport is Gatwick airport. You can catch the airport bus to Victoria Coach Station and then the underground to Charing Cross and the train to Elmstead Woods from which you can be picked up. Please phone just before you arrive.

The WS is already full! You may still register for Breaking or Building WS in Slovakia. 

Contact: Feel free to contact William with questions or queries at whaines[at]

Provisional schedule
Optional sightseeing in London (for Early Arrivals)
Afternoon / Evening: Arrivals of remaining participants
21:00  Evening introductory session
09:30 – 13:00   Sessions (2-3 presentations, 1-2 discussions).
16:00 – 19:00   Sessions (3-4 presentations, 2-3 discussions).
Evening schedule: depending on interests of participants.
09:30 – 13:00   Sessions (2-3 presentations, 1 discussion).
The workshop will conclude with lunch on Sunday.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you there!
ESGD staff