DONE 016 update

Dear friends,
The first week of DONE 016 has passed and we all had chance to get to know each other and start the education. We are a very diverse group of 60 this year including participants and staff; with 35 nations and 6 continents represented, through all parents’ nationalities. It’s a really wonderful mix of personalities and characters.

We appreciate the effort and preparation that many of families made, to support your children to participate in this year’s DONE programme ~ so we really wanted to thank you as parents, for your trust and support.

After completing the kick-off workshop, we started our first educational period on Wednesday with Giuseppe Cali and William Haines sharing Divine Principle content in this first week. The participants have also been given their first teams, which is encouraging deeper reflection on the content through team meetings and closer friendships to develop through the activities and sports.

Thank you for your continued support and care.
Wishing you a wonderful autumn!

The DONE staff team