DONE 016 is back

A few nuggets of wisdom so far …

“When you know who you are then you know how you should live”

“Clarity brings confidence”

“Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself”

”Stability is achieved when you identify the core of your identity with God and not with superficial things”

“God is love and love doesn’t use force. God can’t intervene by force. He can only speak through our conscience.”

“Don’t surf through life, but dive deep into life”

“Life is not just about feeling good, but about being good.”

“Faith does not mean living in certainty. It means having the courage to live with uncertainty”

 DONE 016 moved on to its second half. Everyone has returned safely from FR training. We then spent one day sharing our reflections and lessons learned together. Even though these only touch the surface of what was achieved and realised together, we wanted to share a few excerpts of some of the participant FR reflections to include you in the experience 🙂

“I always thought confidence is about not caring what others think about you. But I realised that isn’t confidence; that’s just apathy. That’s just a cheap replacement. And like most cheap things it breaks after a while. And that’s kind of what happened to me. Apathy doesn’t bring people in. Sincerity brings people in. Sincerity breeds confidence. It’s not about not caring about others. It’s about acknowledging that you really do care and being ready to put effort into that and to commit to that. Self-confidence is something I’m still learning to own for myself, instead of finding a cheap replacement. And I want to do it through investing into my sincerity and into focusing more on others.”

“Before FR training, I saw myself as a decent person. But regarding my spiritual life, I realised being decent isn’t enough. I want to be the best version of myself.”

“When you don’t feel like doing something, that’s when the hard work begins. It’s really easy to do things when you’re super motivated. But when you’re not, you need to push and put in the effort. And that’s when God has the space to come in and support. We shouldn’t wait around for bursts of motivation – we need to create our own fire.”