International HARP WS with DONE Mission One

From the 28th of April to the 1st of May, the International HARP workshop was held in Dunajská Lužná, where 49 second generation from Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany gathered to participate. The workshop was organised and held by DONE Mission One participants and staff, totalling 79 people altogether. 

The workshop motto was Change is Good, which was expanded across the three days with underlying themes for each day. The themes were Uncover Your Light, Shine Bright and Light the Way. They were designed to support the participants in discovering and unlocking their potential as God’s children to become better people through positive change. The diversity of this group provided the opportunity to learn from different cultural perspectives. For many, it was their first international workshop; for others, it was a time to reconnect with old friends and invest into new friendships.

After uncovering our light through listening to guidance and taking part in team building activities, we had a chance to let our light shine by participating in a challenge day and a reflective prayer evening. This helped us to practise what we had learned from our older brothers and sisters, who provided the content of the workshop. Through investing into our own growth and each other, the final day was used to build a bridge between our workshop experience and everyday life. Practical guidance and advice were given to help the participants look forward and believe in their potential to make healthy choices centered on their values, independent from influences in society.

Overall, the workshop’s aim was to support participants to develop a personal relationship with God and to take responsibility for their own lives. We as DONE Mission One participants and staff enjoyed sharing this experience with God and bright and enthusiastic European second generation. We hope to see you next year!

DONE Mission One