20+ Winter Retreat

We warmly invite you to join the ESGD 20+ Winter retreat in the Low Tatra Mountain Resort in the Liptov region of Slovakia.

Options of winter sports, thermal spa, friendship and a quality time. Taking place from 21st to 25th February 2018 in lovely wooden chalets in Liptovsky Trnovec.

We want to continue our tradition of offering the chance for elder BCs to renew their spirits through reconnecting and refocusing in a supportive environment. Apart from skiing/snowboarding, there will be the chance to go for mountain hikes, thermal spa, indoor games and café time. Alongside the leisure time, we will have a flexible schedule based on the needs of the group; finding the right time for group discussions and personal talks. We want to create an environment together where we can be prepared and refreshed for the year – enjoying good times with meaningful moments.

We have chosen the time and location, as it is very suitable for the purposes of a winter retreat with skiing and spa options. There will be beginner slopes for those who want to learn and have their first skiing experience, and more advanced slopes for experienced skiers. It will be a great opportunity to learn from each other and bond together.

20+ Winter Retreat key information
Dates: 21st – 25th February 2018
Arrival: 21st February to Bratislava (anytime during the day)
Departure: 25th February from Bratislava after 16:00
The venue: Liptovsky Trnovec, Jasna Mountain Resort, Liptov, Slovakia

Local transport: We provide local transport from Bratislava. We organize transport from Bratislava to the mountain resort and back. In case you want to come and travel with your own car and do not need transport, you will pay WS fee discounted by 30 EUR.

If you come by airplane note that several low cost companies fly to Bratislava airport (BTS). There is Vienna airport (VIE), which is only 60 km away from Bratislava with regular bus connection.

WS fee and registration
Regular WS fee 180 EUR
The workshop is full. Registration is closed.

Anticipated additional costs 20-100 EUR for skiing and other costs (see details below)

The WS fee will cover the accommodation costs, breakfast, dinner and snacks; and also the van transport from Bratislava to mountain resort and back. In case you want to come and travel with your own car and do not need transport, you will pay WS fee discounted by 30 EUR.

We must pay for the accommodation in advance, therefore you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit fee 50 EUR after your registration.

Additional costs: 20-100 EUR (depending on your choices)
Participants will be responsible to arrange their lunch on each day, which is between 4 and 10 EUR per day (eating out).
There will be opportunity to go skiing, go for a hike or go to aqua-park & spa on Friday and Saturday. Everyone will be kindly asked to pay for their activities J

We will arrange transport to nearby ski resorts and aqua-park & spa

Opalisko ski resort suitable for advance skiers and also for beginners. Daily ski-pass from 19,50 EUR or 4 hour ski-pass 10 EUR.

Jasna ski resort is one of the best ski resorts of Slovakia; also suitable for both advance skiers and beginners. Daily ski-pass from 38 EUR (or 30 EUR for students).

Rental of ski and snowboard equipment is 10-18 EUR per day (full equipment), depending on the selected category.

Aquapark & spa Tatralandia offers both fun and relax. Regular daily entrance fee is 23 EUR.

If you have ISIC student card please bring it. You will get discounts in all places mentioned above.

Arrival day: After you arrive on 21st February we will spend the first night in the seminar center near Bratislava. We will start travelling to mountain resort on the next day at 9:30 am; the trip is about 4 hours.

Departure day: We need to leave the accommodation on 25th February by 10:00 am. The trip to Bratislava is about 4 hours, but calculate extra back-up time when arranging your return flight. Book your return flight on 25th February after 18:30 from Vienna airport (after 16:30 from Bratislava airport).

In case you will plan your travel for 26th February and need to stay an extra night, we can arrange for you to stay at our seminar center near Bratislava.

There are a limited number of places (max 25) so please apply early and wait for confirmation before booking your travel.

We look forward to being together and spending good quality time with each other.

Yours ESGD staff