Blessing Preparation Workshops

Dear blessed families,
we would like to inform you about next European Blessing preparation workshops for Blessed Children and Jacob Children and their parents. There are 2 workshops planned at this point. We will hold them on geographically different locations in order to respond to a request from several communities. We would like to continue with this approach in near future, too.

Both workshops are designed for Blessed Children and Jacob Children aged 17+ who want to learn about Blessing and matching tradition, and for their parents. These workshops are suitable for all those who wish to prepare for the Blessing whether they are already matched or not, and they are organized and directed jointly by the ESGD and the BFED staff.

7-10 June 2018: Blessing preparation WS in Finland
Note: This will be the last Blessing prep WS before the next Blessing event scheduled in August 2018 in Korea.
Location: Hopeaniemi Resort (near Helsinki), Finland

20-23 September 2018: Blessing preparation WS in Slovakia
Location: Dunajska Luzna (near Bratislava), Slovakia

We expect the next Blessing event to take place in August 2018. There will be no Blessing preparation WS held in July or August. Therefore, all those who wish to attend the next Blessing and still need to participate in Blessing preparation WS should do so in June.

We will send detailed information in April for the first and in June for the second workshop and start registration process afterwards.


Orlande and Geros (on behalf of Second Generation Blessing Department)