European Blessing Preparation WS

Dear Blessed Families!
We want to warmly invite you to the upcoming European Blessing Preparation WS taking place in Hopeaniemi Resort (near Helsinki) in Finland 7-10 June 2018. As we make ourselves ready for the Matching and Blessing it is very important that we have an in-depth understanding of it; the workshop can be a great help in this process.

A Blessing Preparation Workshop is a requirement for all who wish to attend the Blessing and is designed to assist all candidates preparing for the matching or those already matched getting ready to go to the Blessing.

Attending as Parents and Children is something we recommend, as it can be a positive experience to support the Parents Matching process. We will use time to study the meaning and process of the Blessing and how to best prepare for attending God and TP through the Blessing. There will be time to reflect, share and work on one’s personal situation.

Next Blessing event will take place in August 2018. There will be no Blessing preparation WS held in July or August. Therefore all those who wish to attend the next Blessing and need to participate in Blessing preparation WS should plan to come. 

European Blessing Prep WS – key information

Invited are: All Second (Third) Generation and Jacob children over 17 years of age, and all parents who have children in this age range.
Dates: 7 – 10 June 2018
Arrival: by 18:30 on 7 June (Thursday) to Hopeaniemi Resort. Please plan your arrival to Helsinki airport latest by 17:00 on 7 June.
Departure: after 13:30 on 10 December (Sunday) from Hopeaniemi Resort. Please plan your departure from Helsinki airport after 16:30 on 10 June.
Place: Hopeaniemi Resort Oy, Hopeaniementie 24, Nummela 03100, Finland

WS fee: 140 EUR per person and 135 EUR for the 2nd and 3rd person of the same family
Registration: Register latest by the 6th May online here

Local transport: We plan to organize a private coach (bus) from Helsinki airport to the WS venue for arrivals and then from the WS venue to the airport for departures (additional charge of 20 EUR for return trip will apply). If you would like to travel with the coach please indicate when registering for the workshop.
Otherwise we can arrange pick up from Nummela bus station or Muijala junction 24 bus stop. You can find more details at the end of the letter.

The Blessing preparation workshop is organized and will be directed by the ESGD and the BFED staff. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the ESGD at blessing[at]

If you need more information about Blessing application process, about European Blessed Family and Education Department please visit BFED website. There you will find all forms required for administration and contact information of support team.

Yours Sincerely,

Orlande, Geros and Patrick on behalf of the team

Travel information 

1. Private coach from (and to) Helsinki airport.
We plan to organize a private coach (bus) in case of interest. On 7 June (arrival day) the coach will leave from Helsinki airport at 17:30. Therefore you need to plan your arrival to the airport latest by 17:00 on 7 June. The drive to the WS venue takes about 60 min. On 10 June (departure day) the coach will leave at 13:30 from the WS venue (Hopeaniemi Resort). The drive to the airport takes about 60 min. Therefore, you need to plan your flight from Helsinki airport after 16:30 on 10 June. You will be kindly asked to pay 20 EUR for return trip with a private coach. You need to register for the coach latest by 6 May.

2. Travel by local public transport
We can provide pick-up from Muijala E18 L (Muijala junction 24) station, which is about 25-minute drive to the venue. You can take a bus from Helsinki Vantaa Airport to Muijala E18 L (Muijala junction 24); price is 11,50 EUR for one way trip. We can provide pick up from 17:00. Bus schedule on arrival day:
15:55 Airport – 16:43 Muijala E18 L
17:25 Airport – 18:28 Muijala E18 L
20:45 Airport – 21:15 Muijala E18 L
21:30 Airport – 22:12 Muijala E18 L
00:59 Airport – 01:30 Muijala E18 L
You can find bus travel details online here

Another option for us is to arrange pick up from Nummela bus station. If this is your preferred option, then let us know after registering when planning your travel.

3. Travel by car
If you travel by car, please arrive between 17:00-18:30 on 7 June to the Hopeaniemi Resort, Hopeaniementie 24, Nummela 03100.