DONE 018 Reflection

Dear Blessed Families!
DONE 018 successfully ended in December 2018 and we will soon start DONE Mission One after a break, after participants could return home and reconnect with their families and friends. It has been a very full, exciting and intense period spent together and everyone could experience, learn and create a lot.

DONE aims to provide education and create an environment to support participants in building their relationship to God and furthering their understanding of life. The education is designed to help mature the understanding of True Parents, their mission and the identity of Blessed children.

More specifically, the education consisted of Divine Principle studies, a Blessing Workshop, Fundraising Training, an Intercultural Communication Training, a Communication and Management Basics Training, and various internal guidance on character and personal growth.

We are very grateful to all DONE staff – a wonderful international team from America, Australia and Europe J We very much appreciate all lecturers and teachers who greatly contributed: Frank Kaufmann, William Haines, Armando Lozano, Geros Kunkel and Sean Greaves.

Additionally, we want to thank all parents, families and friends of DONE participants and staff for your continued support and care.

A few educational themes from DONE 018

“When you find your place with God, you can find meaning in everything you do.”

“It’s not about what you know; it’s about what you do with what you know.”

“See your faith as a toolbox, not a jigsaw puzzle; your faith is there to be used, not looked at.”

“God doesn’t just give things to people; He gives us opportunities.”

“Let us remember that our name as DONE graduates calls on us to be developers, not doubters. Doubt, worry and anxiety are contagious; they spread quickly. But luckily, confidence and hope are also contagious. Doubters see the reality and give into the challenges. Developers see the reality – and the challenges – and believe that with care and effort, things can improve. We cannot leave everything to our environment. But we also cannot leave everything to God. God needs us to act. He is calling on us to respond.”


The ESGD team