REAL 019

Following the successful completion of REAL 018 programme in Australia, we are excited to officially announce the second year of REAL, which will be taking place this July 2019! The programme is organized by BCs from Australia and New Zealand who you know well from European workshops. The REAL is run with support of the Australian Second Generation Initiative (ASGI) and the ESGD.

What is it about?

REAL stands for RISE EMPOWERED AND LEGIT, and is a personal development and educational training programme catered for BCs aged 17+ who are curious and eager to discover who they are, gain clarity in life, open to pursuing and discovering what it means to practise a life of faith, and are striving for personal growth. The education and activities will focus on character development, relationship building, how to live a meaningful life, and overall how to become a better version of yourself – how to unlock your potential of becoming the most honest, genuine and real you can be.

When: 26 June – 22 July (26 days)
Where: Australia, several locations in Victoria (Melbourne, Belgrave, Inland Retreat)
Programme fee
Early bird fee: $1000 AUD / about 640 EUR if you register by 30 April 2019
Standard fee: $1200 AUD / about 760 EUR
There is financial support available for the first four European applicants – contact the ESGD to find out more.

Register the latest by 30 May 2019 online here

The structure
The program will consist of 3 parts – an educational period, fundraising period, and retreat.

  1. Educational Period (~12 days)
  • Guest lecturer from the ESGD (European Second Gen Department)
  • Guest speakers from local community
  • Talks/testimonies from staff

The education will cover content such as:

  • Helpful mindsets and attitudes towards life
  • Understanding myself and the world around me, purpose of life
  • Building a genuine relationship with God
  • Understanding True Parents and their legacy
  • Matching & Blessing guidance
  • Divine Principle education (with a non-conventional, down-to-earth approach πŸ˜‰ )
  1. Fundraising period (~7 days) in Victoria
  • We believe this is an important part of the character building training
  • All funds go to covering living expenses of the REAL program. Any surplus goes to ASGI.
  1. Mindful retreat (~4-5 days)

An inland retreat for some bonding and peaceful time amongst the gumtrees to reflect and think forwardly about life and have a good time too πŸ˜‰

Read some of the personal experiences from our REAL 018 alumni and find out more here

IMPORTANT Practical Information (Arrival & Departure, Payment) is online here

For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any of the REAL Staff.


David Saver, Simeon Markwick, Akimoto Hosokawa and Cecilia Croguennec
REAL 019 staff team

Contact info
David: davidps_55(at)
Simeon: markwick(at)
Akimoto: akimoto.h(at)
Cecilia: cecilia.croguennec(at)

REAL group