DONE 019 – Development Of New Environments

Following the successful completion and development of the DONE educational programme over the past 11 years, (2008 – present), we are happy to announce and open the registrations for the 12th year of the DONE programme, beginning in October 2019.

The educational training programme, DONE 019, is designed for blessed children over 18 years old, who are interested in participating in spiritual training and education. The programme is open to those who have just graduated from high school, as well as young adults who wish to take time for their spiritual education at a later stage in life.

The education will focus on strengthening your life of faith and becoming a more responsible adult; deepening your relationship with God and True Parents, developing self-awareness and character, and building lasting friendships with brothers and sisters. From our experience, DONE is especially suitable for those who want a trusting and supportive environment with a serious spiritual focus; rooted in the Principle, but with enough space and freedom to develop and shape your experience independently.


The DONE programme offers participants down-to-earth education and care in aspects of building their relationship to God and furthering their understanding of life. Through the varied schedule and educational opportunities, participants are given the chance to make their spiritual life and knowledge lasting and real. The education takes place through the content, mentoring, personal reflection and sharing throughout the programme; learning useful skills and wisdom for life from the educators, peers and by searching inwardly.

We believe that Blessed children need to have a healthy understanding of who they are, seeing their potential and role in taking a lead to develop new environments wherever they go and whatever they do. In line with this, DONE aims to provide participants with the opportunity to strengthen their confidence and maturity so that they can believe in their capacity to take responsibility and the positive difference they can make in this world.

The organisers and educators have a substantial amount of experience and expertise in supporting Blessed Children of different backgrounds and situations. We are dedicated to supporting participants to find their place and peace within the Unificationist community and to be encouraged and supported on their path towards the Matching and Blessing.

DONE 019 is organised, guided and managed by the ESGD staff team.
Managing directors: Julius Alexy and Patrick Hanna
Educational support: Yebuny Hanna and Martin Alexy

Programme Structure and dates

The DONE programme is made up of 3 modules, and follows the schedule of the European academic year, this year beginning in October 2019 and ending in August 2020. On completion of each module, participants can then decide if they wish to sign up for the next one, with the aim of putting the training they received into practice and by giving something back in follow-up modules. The first 2 modules are the ‘core’ modules when they will be as a DONE group, and the 3rd module involves joining other projects as a DONE graduate.

Participants can therefore see this as a full-year programme with a valuable break in between each of the three modules. Indeed, the break periods have been very useful for past participants and formed an important part of their whole year programme experience. Past participants have used these break periods to travel independently, fulfilling personal desires and making the most of the precious opportunity between studies. Others have invested in developing connections with new DONE friends, and many have used that time to work or apply what they have learnt by investing into their families and communities back home.

1) DONE First Module (The Core Training Programme)
Provisional dates: 12th/14th October – 16/19th December 2019 (Exact arrival and departure dates will be confirmed with the acceptance letter).

Location: Slovakia and other European countries. The programme will begin and end in Slovakia; arrival to, and departure from, Bratislava or Vienna.

The first module is the signature DONE educational programme; all participants considering DONE need to complete this core programme. It is a nine-week long training programme, comprised of three educational periods, two fundraising training periods and possibly one service project. The module consists of:

  • 38-40 days of education workshops (Divine Principle studies, Intercultural Communication Training, Communication and Management Basics Training, Character and Personal Growth Education, Marriage and Blessing education, Relationships training)
  • 16-18 days of fundraising training
  • Possibly 3-4 days of service project (it depends on the final size of the DONE 019 group)

2) DONE Second Module (DONE Mission One)
Provisional dates: between February and May 2020. There is a break of approximately 8-10 weeks between the first and the second module. The second module, known as ‘DONE Mission One,’ is based upon the successful completion of the DONE core programme (Module 1).

This second module is in the form of a follow up DONE MISSION ONE programme that offers the chance for participants to put the training into practice and grow further by taking more responsibility and leadership for themselves and others. The structure and the content is flexible and is finalised, to some extent, by both staff and participants. This module provides the chance to build on what was learnt in the initial training period, as well as providing opportunities for new experiences e.g. international projects, service projects, leadership training, organising education for blessed children of high-school age.

We highly recommend that successful graduates of the first module of DONE consider the second module, DONE Mission 1, to go much further and deeper in their journey of growth. We fully understand, however, that for some participants a full-year commitment is not possible and that the initial 9 weeks of DONE (Module 1) is a great catalyst for moving on to personal plans for the remainder of the year, or before returning to work or education.

3) DONE Third Module (Summer Programmes)
Provisional dates: July/August 2020. There is a break of approximately 6-8 weeks between the second and the third module.

After the second module, we understand that many from outside of Europe will return home and have different summer plans alongside having time to prepare for university and investing in local activities. However, we would still encourage all successful graduates to consider the potential of the third module; for personal growth as well as a chance to offer something to others.

The third and final module again builds upon the Core-Training Programme and DONE Mission One. It is an opportunity to fully participate and help staff ESGD summer activities across Europe by taking an active role in educating and caring for younger blessed children. In addition, there is the opportunity to end the year by participating in the Original Divine Personality Plus Workshop (ODP+); connecting to others outside of the DONE programme and practicing what they have gained throughout the year.

Application and programme fee

Application deadline: 30th June 2019
Programme fee: 
1000 EUR
(The fee must be fully paid at the start of the DONE 019 First Module regardless of whether the participant will continue in other Modules).

Please see the attached DONE-019-application-form and send your completed form to As a part of the application form, we want to ask all applicants to send their CV, a motivation letter explaining why you want to apply to DONE (approx. 222 words) and a self-reflection letter sharing your personal strengths and weaknesses. When you submit the application form please also fill in a short online registration form here.

Please note that DONE 019 is limited to 24 participants. We therefore advise you to fully complete the registration within the application deadline (30th June 2019). If your registration is successful, a confirmation letter of acceptance will be sent out, latest by 10th August 2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to address them to or call Julius +421 905 430 939.

Julius and Patrick
(on behalf of the ESGD)