Summer 2019 Motto

Truth in Action

Our life of faith is not defined by our beliefs, but through our daily life. Our spirituality is not measured by our words, but through the good actions that we do. This summer, we want to take inspiration from True Parents and other models of truth in action. Because God does not need people who just have good beliefs; he needs people who are able to act on their beliefs.

The world does not need people who simply think differently; it needs people who are committed to live differently. This is the responsibility we are all called to as blessed children, and as people who are striving for a better world. To meet it, each one of us needs to be courageous to be different and deeper, clear in who we are and what we represent beyond ourselves.

“Whether you are destined for heaven or hell is not determined by your beliefs or thoughts.
It is determined by your daily life. Just knowing in your head what is good, is not enough.”
True Father

This summer’s motto encourages us to reflect on what our daily life represents, as the things we care about are reflected in the way we spend our time and attention. We need to be wise to resist many aspects of today’s culture, which encourage us to prioritise external things and live in shallow waters. In contrast, what is God calling each of us to care about more? How can we better put our beliefs in practice and live a life rooted in truth and goodness? We want to encourage each other to dive deeper and recognise that our life is bigger than ourselves; we represent more than just “me”.

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