Update on projects and workshops

Dear brothers and sisters,
We hope that you and your families have been coping well with the ongoing pandemic. We wish that you are keeping healthy and in good spirits, despite the restrictions and fears we are confronted with. We also want to keep in mind those who are more directly impacted by Covid-19; whether you are from a more affected region, have people close to you who have become ill, or have family members working in essential services at this challenging time.
Based on the developing situation we will see if we can go ahead with the summer workshops as announced. We want to be hopeful, but also realistic and responsible.

We are aware that the summer is a precious opportunity to reunite with friends, make new friends, explore our spiritual path together and have transformative educational experiences. Therefore, if the situation allows, we will try to run the summer workshops and other projects as planned. Only once it is clear if any of the workshops will take place will we open registrations and provide all information needed. We will keep you updated through our website and Facebook.

Additionally, due to the unprecedented circumstances we had to stop the DONE Mission One programme on the 13th March. Thankfully, all the participants and staff could travel back home safely. Since then, we have managed to continue the programme remotely due to the support and commitment from all the staff and participants. Thank you!

We are seriously considering how to prepare for DONE 020 and how we can run the programme despite the uncertainty. We are aware that some of you have expressed interest in attending and are considering whether it will be a part of your life’s journey of growth. The general plan is to start DONE 020 in early October, and we will inform you in next 4-6 weeks about the possibilities that DONE 020 will offer.

We hope that we can all make sincere efforts for the sake of others at this time, as well as look inwardly for personal direction and inspiration – seeking God’s perspective and True Parents’ heart to be prepared for whatever may come. We pray that we can all have the strength and depth of character to continue striving for a better world beyond this crisis.

We wish all of you the best, and want to express gratitude for the precious bonds that we have as a community of Blessed families.Thanks for your support, we hope that we can all meet again before too long.

The ESGD team

SNR 019 group web