European Summer Workshops 2021

Dear brothers and sisters,

We would like to inform you that we plan to hold at least two European workshops this summer 2021 (see details below).
We successfully held two large summer workshops in 2020, carefully and successfully complying with the COVID-19 health and safety regulations throughout the programmes. Therefore, if travel restrictions and regulations allow, we are confident to responsibly organize and lead workshops this upcoming summer too.

We will of course, carefully monitor the situation of travel restrictions and safety regulations related to COVID-19. So, please bear in mind that our plans may still change due to decisions and regulations of the European governments. We will keep you updated.

We are planning to hold the following European summer workshops:

The Senior HARP workshop is scheduled to take place 10th – 18th August 2021 in Seminarhaus Neumuehle, Bad Camberg, Germany.
Age group: born in 2002 – 2005 (participants who turn 15 before the workshop will be eligible to come too).
As always, this is the best opportunity in the year to reconnect with friends from all over Europe, to build new friendships and to gain strength and clarity about our shared identity and path as blessed children. There will be relevant and relatable content to go deeper into what it means to live a daily life of faith, along with discussions and interactive activities. Through the mixture of challenging, reflective and team activities, we want to build an atmosphere where we create wonderful, lasting experiences that remind us of our potential and our connection as brothers and sisters.

The ODP+ workshop is scheduled to take place 19th – 30th August 2021 in Seminarhaus Neumuehle, Bad Camberg, Germany.
Age group: 18 and older.
The ODP+ (Original Divine Personality+) workshop is a precious opportunity to go through some focused and stimulating spiritual training. Through the content, there is a chance to experience the core of True Parents’ teachings, and also the core aspects of Second Gen education and care from years of experience. Indeed, the importance of connecting personally to God, True Parents, and other key relationships in our lives is a strong emphasis throughout the programme. In addition to the focused education, there will be many team challenges, sports and activities that will encourage you to bond and go deeper in creating and exploring true friendships.

The Junior HARP workshop is not yet confirmed at this point and it will most likely not take place this summer 2021.

We plan to hold workshops near Bad Camberg (Germany) in the vicinity of Frankfurt airport. However, we have an alternative WS place in Slovakia near Bratislava as a back-up option; there are two airports in the vicinity – Vienna airport (Austria) and Bratislava airport (Slovakia).

We are aware of the financial impact that the pandemic has had on Blessed families and we will do our best to minimize the participation costs and will also search for sponsorship options. We would encourage participants to look for sponsorship opportunities in their communities to support their travel and/or participation fee.

We hope to see you this summer!

Yours Sincerely,

The ESGD Team
Patrick, Yebuny, Julius, Martin