Summer Workshops Registrations Open

Dear brothers and sisters,
We would like to inform you about the developments of our upcoming summer workshops in response to the COVID-19 and announced plan of European authorities to open borders and allow international travel in the summer season.
We successfully held two large summer workshops in 2020, carefully and successfully complying with the COVID-19 health and safety regulations throughout the programmes. We are confident to responsibly organize and lead workshops this upcoming summer, too.
We are planning to go ahead with two of the European summer workshops and we are opening registrations.

Senior HARP workshop is scheduled to take place 10th – 18th August 2021 in Seminarhaus Neumuehle, Bad Camberg, Germany

ODP+ workshop is scheduled to take place 19th – 30th August 2021 in Seminarhaus Neumuehle, Bad Camberg, Germany

Unfortunately, the Junior HARP workshop will not take place this summer. 

Find description of the registration steps here. If you would like to attend a workshop please fill out the registration form as soon as possible. It is difficult to predict the demand in the current circumstances, so this will help us to see the expected number of participants and make preparations accordingly.

Each year, we rely on a large team of volunteers to support each workshop, and we warmly welcome you to contribute and serve this summer too. If you would like to volunteer as staff, please apply here. The final staff arrangements will be partly determined by the size of the workshops and the number of staff registrations. Therefore we cannot confirm all staff applications or arrangements until we have a clearer picture.

We are aware of the financial impact that the ongoing pandemic has had on Blessed families and we are doing our best to minimise the participation costs. We have kept workshop fees the same as last summer, while still searching for sponsorship options. We would also encourage participants to look for sponsorship opportunities in their communities to support their travel and/or participation fee.

Special note: We are constantly monitoring the situation related to travel restrictions and safety regulations related to COVID-19. Based on the recent situation and announcements of European authorities, we have made the current plans. There are still details to be finalised and so we appreciate your flexibility and patience. We are, however, committed to running both Senior HARP WS and ODP+ WS and we are making preparations accordingly.

We hope that all will work out well and that we will see many of you at the summer workshops!

Yours Sincerely,

The ESGD Team