Summer WS: Update as of 30 July 2021

Dear brothers and sisters,

As we are preparing for the European summer workshops we want to provide another update. We kindly ask each participant (and parents of those under 18) and staff to carefully read this information.

In this update you will read about sponsorship for each workshop, requirement of a negative test results, safety measures related to COVID-19, and a reminder about travel restrictions.

It is still possible to apply for each workshop, but only a few more places are available!

1. Sponsorship for the workshops

We are happy to announce that the EUME Headquarters is offering a generous sponsorship of €50 per person. As a result, the participation fee will now be €160 for the Senior HARP Workshop, and €240 for the ODP+ Workshop. We are very grateful for this support, as an expression of care and encouragement for all Blessed families involved.

Senior HARP WS: arrival on 11th August to and departure on 18th August from Bad Camberg
Updated WS fee: 160 EUR
You can still apply! Detailed information is here

ODP+ WS: arrival on 20th August to and departure on 29th August from Bad Camberg
Updated WS fee: 240 EUR
You can still apply! Detailed information is here

2. Requirement to present COVID-19 negative test results

In order to mitigate risks and comply with regulations:

  • Each person (participant and staff) is required to present a negative test result when arriving at the workshop site. The test result must pertain to a test taken no earlier than 48 hours (for antigen tests) or 72 hours (for PCR tests) beforehand.
  • Those who are fully vaccinated (date of the second vaccination minimum 15 days before the workshop) do not need to present the negative test results. However, they are required to present the proof of vaccination.
  • Those who have recovered from COVID-19 (at least 28 days and a maximum of 6 months before the workshop) do not need to present the negative test results. However, they are required to present the proof of previous infection.

3. Other safety measures related to COVID-19

In order to mitigate risks we ask each participant and staff following:

  • Assess your health situation before starting the travel to the workshop. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 please refrain from travelling. If you have been in contact with anyone who tested positive up to 14 days before the workshop, please communicate with your local medical center and take their advice on whether it is safe and responsible for you to travel to the workshop – alongside taking the necessary test.
  • Please be responsible during your travel to the workshop. When travelling by airplane, train or coach – wear a facemask whenever indoors if your medical condition allows it (in the cabins but also inside the airports and stations, restaurants etc). Use hand sanitizer. Follow all the requirements and guidelines of the travel carrier.
  • There will be additional rules that we will need to follow at each workshop. We will explain the rules at the start of each workshop. Everyone will be responsible for complying with the regulations and safety precautions which will be agreed upon and explained clearly at the workshop.
  • Please bring hand sanitizer and facemasks in sufficient amount (disposable masks and/or fabric masks which can be washed).

4. Travel restrictions related to COVID-19, coming to Germany

Germany has classified countries (and regions within countries) into categories based on COVID-19 risk. Please note that this list is regularly updated every Friday (changes are effective usually from the following Sunday.) Therefore, those travelling to the Senior HARP WS should check for the latest updates on 6th August. Those travelling to the ODP+ WS should check for the latest updates on 13th August. Here is link to find updates about risk countries (English option is available):

Here is the link to find detailed information about requirements when entering Germany from abroad (English option is available)

Remember to read and follow your national guidelines for international travel 🙂

Important: We cannot take responsibility for any travel restrictions which may emerge. Please research the conditions of travel from your nation to Germany, and plan accordingly.

With everyone’s attention and investment, we are sure that we can have great and memorable time together at the workshops. Whilst it is sad that Covid has prevented some nationalities from participating, we are grateful that many of you can still make it to Neumuehle.

Yours Sincerely,

The ESGD Team
Patrick, Yebuny, Julius and Martin