DONE 021 Update

Dear brothers and sisters,
We would like to provide you with an update on the DONE 021 programme. We are glad to confirm that all preparations are going well and DONE 021 will start on 20th September 2021. We are happy to announce that there are few more places available and we are extending the registration deadline to 29th August. We will communicate with participants directly about COVID-19 Regulations and requirements for coming to Slovakia.

The DONE programme is made up of 4 modules, beginning in September 2021 and ending in August 2022. On completion of each module, participants can then decide if they wish to sign up for the next one. The programme offers participants down-to-earth education and care in aspects of building their relationship to God and furthering their understanding of life. Through the varied schedule and educational opportunities, participants are given the chance to make their spiritual life and knowledge lasting and real. The education takes place through the content, mentoring, personal reflection and sharing throughout the programme; learning useful skills and wisdom for life from the educators, peers and by searching inwardly. The education will focus on strengthening your life of faith and becoming a more responsible adult; deepening your relationship with God and True Parents, developing self-awareness and character, and building lasting friendships with brothers and sisters.

Whilst we aim to offer the key components of the usual DONE programme, we are ready to respond with flexibility to the possible changing circumstances related to Covid-19. It is therefore planned that this year’s programme will combine in person as well as online education and experiences. We have gone through a very challenging period as humankind, and our spiritual education is a worthwhile investment for the future; for ourselves and the world in which we are all creating. Read detailed information about DONE 021 and register here.

The ESGD staff team