Congrats to DONE Mission 021-022 graduates

The follow-up module to DONE 2021 has successfully concluded and we want to congratulate the graduates once again for all their effort and achievements and thank everyone who was involved in supporting and contributing.

Every year, the experience created on Mission One is special and unique. This year we had participants and staff from across Europe, America and Canada. The main components of the programme were: Divine Principle education from William Haines, service projects, DONE Mission participants organising and running the International Spring HARP workshop, time in nature for contemplation and hikes, and educational sessions by ESGD.

We did service projects with three different partners. One of them was done with the center for young people with disabilities. Our job was to renovate their sport field, while there was time to play games and sports after the work. Even though we only spent short time together we could make friends and connect. Such moments provided us with a chance for some internal transformation; to reflect on what to be grateful for in our lives and be reminded of value of giving to others in need. Another project was simple task of re-planting the tree sprouts, assisting the local NGO. And finally we helped to clean public areas in local catholic clergy house. We enjoyed conversation over the lunch with few priests about religion and historical figures while sharing about our background, too.

We thank all graduates for investing into their growth and spiritual life, and their commitment into growing a deeper relationship with God and True Parents. As a community of Blessed Children, we were reminded of our potential, linked to our identity, our roots and our purpose in life.

We also want to give a special thanks to the educators, team leaders and other supporting staff who accompanied the participants and contributed to this significant experience for their lives. And we want to thank all of our friends, family members and wider connections, who also supported the programme and the participants throughout these past months. We could all experience something that has shaped our lives for the better; we want to nurture the seeds that were sown, and to carry on expanding the space for goodness to grow. Through the bonds we could create, we are also hopeful to keep connected as a group as we each face the next phase of our lives.

Next DONE 022 will start already in September 2022, in person again. We are looking for committed participants who are willing to invest and contribute towards developing another new environment; and we will do our best to support you to succeed. Applications are open – find more more information here.

The DONE 022 and ESGD staff team