SNR+ WS: getting ready

Dear participants, parents and staff of the SNR+ workshop,
We are looking forward to being together for the workshop! Information below provides a practical check list. We have just sent you an email with additional information (including local travel, phone contact, code of conduct. Please read the email to prepare well 😉

What do you need to bring?
Workshop fee in cash (EUR or GBP): We will collect the fee in cash upon your arrival to the workshops at the registration desk.
Sleeping Set & Towel: Sleeping bag, single bed sheet, single pillowcase, and towel (each person can rent them in the seminar center, but there is an additional charge)
Sandals/Slippers/House shoes: Some clean footwear to wear indoors, and to wear in between the two buildings. (This will help with the hygiene and comfort)
Code of conduct: Signed by each participant (and a parent for participants younger than 18). You received it in an email.
Negative COVID-19 test result: Each person needs to present it upon arrival. It is sufficient to take an antigen self-test. Then take a picture of the test result. The test should be taken on the travel day or in the evening before you start your trip to the workshop. This is to mitigate the risk of brining COVID to the workshop 🙂

What is helpful to bring?
Medical Insurance: a copy of your medical insurance information and/or EHIC (depending on your personal situation, it may be good to buy some travel insurance as well). If you do not have any insurance, you will have to take care of paying for any medical assistance or services you may need.
Notebook and pen: Consider that we will sell special edition notebooks at the WS!
Sun Protection: Your own hat and/or the sun cream in case of hot weather.
Water bottle: Please bring your own water bottle to keep hydrated during the workshop and during sports.
Tick prevention medicine: We will have medicine and tools to treat and remove ticks. However, we would advise getting some personal medicine to prevent and deter ticks.
Self-test for COVID-19: It is helpful if you bring your own 1-2 tests just in case.
Pocket money: You will have a chance to buy our merch products (cool t-shirts and notebooks)

Notes on the Dress code
We want to create a workshop atmosphere where we can be comfortable and free to develop healthy relationships between brothers and sisters, and not be too concerned with how we look. From experience, we do believe that having a modest and respectful dress code can contribute to achieving this. We want to thank everyone in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Merch at the workshop
Traditionally we will have cool t-shirts for sale (in a variety of colours). Additionally, we will have special edition notebooks with the artistic design (thanks to Alesia and Javier).

For the direction of the workshop Remember: We are Made in God.
Let us not forget the transformative concept; that we are created in God, and we can create together with God. Let’s come together to nurture our roots and ground ourselves in fertile soil. Despite hope fading, let’s protect and nurture the glowing embers amongst us, and see if something can catch alight.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!
The SNR+ WS staff and ESGD team