Cheers to DONE 022 graduates!

We are very pleased to announce that the first module of DONE 2022 has successfully concluded. We want to congratulate the graduates once again for all their effort and achievements and thank everyone who was involved in supporting and contributing.

Every year, the group is different and the experience created is special and unique. This year we had 19 participants and team leaders from the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, America and Hong Kong. There was a variety of lecturers and education, focused on studying the Divine Principle and how to apply the wisdom in our daily lives as well as dedicating the final week to Matching and Blessing content. It was also very beneficial that the Fundraising element of the programme could be included again, which allowed participants to connect to their parents’ course, as well as provide a unique opportunity for growth, investment and internal and external accomplishments.

We thank all graduates for investing into their spiritual life and growth, and their commitment into growing a deeper relationship with God and True Parents. As a community of Blessed Children, we were reminded of our potential, linked to our identity, our roots and our purpose in life. We believe each one of us has an important role to contribute to The Holy Community of Blessed families.

We also want to give a special thanks to the educators, team leaders and other supporting staff who accompanied the participants and contributed to this significant experience for their lives. And we want to thank all of our friends, family members and wider connections, who also supported the programme and the participants throughout these past months.

We wish everyone all the best with the second module of DONE, we wish you all wonderful Christmas and we look forward to continuing our journey together in 2023.

The ESGD team