Matching & Blessing Workshop: Internal and Practical Guidance

Remember: We are Made in God.

We are happy to invite you to an international in-person workshop on the topic of internal and practical guidance for the Matching & Blessing. It will take place from 16th to 19th February 2023 in Luzna (Slovakia). The programme is designed for Blessed children and Jacob children aged 18 and older.

The Blessing is not just a ceremony to get through; it is a lifestyle which we need to grow into. Preparation matters; so how can we create more space for God to guide us through the matching, into blessed life? How can we make effort to make good things happen in this precious area of our lives? Essentially, we want to offer a focused programme that can help you to better understand where you are now and how you can move forwards. Alongside this, we want to offer the opportunity to receive personal input in a supportive environment.

Matching & Blessing Workshop: Internal and Practical Guidance
Invited are: Blessed children and Jacob children aged 18+. This workshop is not limited to Europe and Middle East region.
Date: 16 – 19 February 2023
Arrival: 16 February (Thursday) by 18:30, the WS will start with dinner
Departure: 19 February (Sunday) after 14:00, the WS will finish with lunch
Place: Luzna seminar center. Address: Kvetoslavovska 5/358, Dunajska Luzna 90042, Slovakia
WS fee: 135 EUR
You will be asked to pay the registration fee 40 EUR after the registration.

Please register online here

Local transport: We will arrange pick-ups and drop-offs from Bratislava airport. We will assist others arriving to Bratislava bus or train station with their local travel to Dunajska Luzna.
Participants need to bring a sleeping bag and slippers/house shoes.

We hope that the workshop can support and challenge you to take steps forward in your personal situation, and to also consider how you can contribute towards a healthier matching and blessing culture in the community. We want to create the opportunity for everyone to go deeper into their understanding of what the Blessing can be.

The education will cover topics such as:

  • Growing your confidence & pursuing spirituality in your life circumstances
  • Gaining clarity & dealing with challenges of our culture
  • Understanding our foundation through the course of 1st Generation Blessing
  • Including God, and True Parents vision, in our decisions
  • Different stages of the process: from taking steps towards succeeding in the matching, to growing as a matched couple before the Blessing

The sessions will include aspects of internal & practical guidance and testimonies & life experiences. The workshop will be led by Patrick and Yebuny Hanna, Geros and Astrid Kunkel, Július and Martin Alexy.

There is a limit of participants we can take, therefore apply early. We hope that you can use the opportunity of current good deals with Ryanair flying directly to Bratislava or to nearby Vienna (from London, Dublin, Cologne, Dortmund, Bergamo, Madrid and more places)!

Note: This workshop does not fulfil the formal BFD requirements for the Blessing application; instead we are focusing on providing helpful and relevant education, and an in-person experience which can make a significant impact moving forwards.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at:

We believe the workshop has the potential to provide valuable support for all those who are seriously thinking about progressing on their Matching & Blessing journey; whether preparing, in the process, or already matched.

We are looking forward to this workshop and hope to experience something precious together.

The ESGD team

The ESGD team is continuing their work in the Matching & Blessing area based on the foundation of the European Second Generation Blessing Department. It was founded in 1998 by elder European Blessed Children, has worked closely with the International Blessing Department, and successfully restarted the European BFD in 2007. We have worked with second generation throughout the last 20+ years, and want to carry on offering support for brothers and sisters through the different stages of their matching and Blessing journeys. We aspire to provide helpful and relevant education for Blessed Children, Jacob Children and their parents, centred on the Divine Principle and True Parents’ teachings. Good education can make a difference; we want to do our best to offer something from our shared experience in the field.