Our Departments


HARP aims to provide an environment for young people (age 12-18) to learn and apply the Divine Principle in their daily lives and thereby uphold the standard of God, True Parents and True Family by living for the sake of others.

European activities
We offer a variety of workshops for HARP members, mainly in the summer. They are designed to educate HARP members on the Divine Principle, create an environment to deepen your relationship with God and give you a chance to make a lot of new friends. An important part of them is sports, creative arts, team activities and fun.

Assistance and support for national HARP
We organise a HARP Leaders Meeting once a year. This designed to give leaders the chance to get to know each other better, to share and report about national programs and plan and coordinate our European activities. We support the national HARP chapters through communication, supervision and personal care of the HARP leadership. We offer personal support for key national events too.

SAWS 18+

The vision of SAWS 18+ (Summer Autumn Winter Spring: education for all the life seasons) is to live and expand the “Good Pure Life Style” across the continent of Europe as the trendy philosophy of our 21st century. Essentially, SAWS 18+ is an international network of youth educators, but also serves as the community network that supports the youth of the movement over the age of 18, especially as they study or work.

The goal is to provide an environment to strengthen our relationships in all aspects and directions of life by offering educational workshops and fun activities throughout all the seasons of the year. This will include offering wisdom, spiritual guidance and quality education across various areas of life, relating to both spirituality and professional skills and interests. Don`t be confused. Get involved and infused.

Second Generation Blessing Department

In order to work together as Blessed Families, and in order to assist the parents as well as the candidates, the Blessing Department of the ESGD provides the following services for Blessed Children and Jacob’s Children:

Matching and Blessing preparation
We host Blessing Workshops for Blessing candidates and parents in order to teach the meaning and value of the Matching and Blessing and to prepare the candidates for making this big and important step in their lives.

We also organize Parents’ Matching Convocations together with the European Blessed Family Department. These provide a platform for parents to receive guidance about the Matching process and also meet and share with other parents. It creates a very dignified environment for parents’ networking where representatives of 2G Blessing Department are also present.

International networking
The European Blessing Department is in close connection with the Blessing Departments of the Second Generation Departments worldwide. Through this network it is our hope to support parents and candidates worldwide as well as to exchange information and support international couples. For the international matching database please go to: www.bcmatching.org

Application, Matching and Blessing Support
We provide the services necessary for application, Matching and Blessing which includes the personal care and advice of elders and leaders. The Blessing Department administers and processes the Blessing applications and provides information about upcoming Blessings as well as guidelines from our True Parents. We also are present at Blessings to guide and support the candidates. Find all forms and application documents at www.bfdeu.org

Activities for Blessed couples
We arrange meetings and workshops for Blessed couples which are a forum for Blessed couples to exchange experiences and to learn about partnership and parenthood. On one hand we want to offer appropriate guidance and education for a successful relationship, marriage and parenting; on the other hand we want to create environment for couples to meet and share, relax and have fun together.

Blessing homepage
For further information on the applying for the Blessing as well as upcoming workshops, please see the European Blessed Family Department website: www.bfdeu.org

 Development of New Environments (DONE)

The educational training programme DONE is designed for Blessed children over 18 years old, who are interested in participating in spiritual training and education. The education focuses on character development, strengthening life of faith, and deepening relationships with God, True Parents and brothers and sisters. The programme is open to those who have just graduated from high school as well as young adults who wish to take time for their spiritual education, at a later stage in life. More information about the programme is in the DONE section of our website.