DONE – Development of New Environments


The educational training programme DONE is designed for Blessed children over 18 years old, who are interested in participating in spiritual training and education. The education will focus on character development, strengthening life of faith, and deepening relationships with God, True Parents and brothers and sisters. The programme is open to those who have just graduated from high school as well as young adults who wish to take time for their spiritual education, at a later stage in life.

DONE programme is organized, guided and managed by the ESGD staff team.


DONE is a training programme comprised of an educational period, fundraising training periods, service projects and other educational and bonding experiences as brothers and sisters. The programme offers participants down-to-earth education and care in aspects of building their relationship to God and furthering their understanding of life. Through the varied schedule and opportunities, young 2nd generation are given the chance to make their spiritual life and knowledge lasting and real, as well as creating strong bonds of friendship and learning useful skills and wisdom for life.

We believe that Blessed children need to have a healthy understanding of who they are, seeing their potential and role in taking a lead to develop new environments wherever they go and whatever they do. In line with this, DONE aims to provide participants with the opportunity to strengthen their confidence and maturity so that they can believe they can make a positive difference in this world.

Programme Structure

The DONE programme is made up of 3 modules, and follows the schedule of the European academic year, beginning in October and ending in the following year in August . On completion of each module, participants can then decide if they wish to sign up for the next one, with the aim of putting the training they received into practice by giving something back in follow-up modules.

The first module is designed specifically as training and education programme and all participants considering DONE need to complete this core programme. The second module is in the form of a follow up DONE MISSION ONE programme that offers the chance for participants to put the training into practice and grow further by taking more responsibility and leadership for themselves and others. The final module is then an opportunity to fully participate and help staff ESGD summer activities across Europe, taking an active role in educating and caring for younger blessed children.

Participants can therefore see this as a full-year programme with a valuable break in between each of the three modules. We fully understand, however, that for some participants a full-year commitment is not possible and that the initial DONE (Module 1) is a great catalyst for moving on to personal plans for the remainder of the year, or before returning to work or education.

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