DONE 019 is on the way

DONE 019 successfully started this week. We are a group of 40 from all around the world.  After the kick off WS we are now ready to start DP academic studies. We appreciate support of all parents, families and friends of DONE participants and staff. Continue reading

Summer 2019 Motto

Truth in Action

Our life of faith is not defined by our beliefs, but through our daily life. Our spirituality is not measured by our words, but through the good actions that we do. This summer, we want to take inspiration from True Parents and other models of truth in action. Because God does not need people who just have good beliefs; he needs people who are able to act on their beliefs. Continue reading

DONE 018 Reflection

Dear Blessed Families!
DONE 018 successfully ended in December 2018 and we will soon start DONE Mission One after a break, after participants could return home and reconnect with their families and friends. It has been a very full, exciting and intense period spent together and everyone could experience, learn and create a lot. Continue reading

International HARP WS with DONE Mission One

From the 28th of April to the 1st of May, the International HARP workshop was held in Dunajská Lužná, where 49 second generation from Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany gathered to participate. The workshop was organised and held by DONE Mission One participants and staff, totalling 79 people altogether.  Continue reading

Well DONE Graduates

Very soon, you will receive the name of becoming a DONE graduate. A ‘Developer of New Environments’.

That title represents many things. And amongst everything it will come to mean to you, I hope it will also remind you of the environment that you created here, which I believe can always re-inspire and re-kindle your inner strength whenever you need it to.

Continue reading

DONE Mission One 2016

We want to congratulate all the participants from DONE Mission One 2016, who graduated on Friday 6th May. We are very grateful for all their investment and effort, and want to especially thank the team leaders and staff who supported as well.

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