Becoming deeply rooted (by Yebuny)

Since the day I started school, I can always remember working very hard to get the best grades I could, so that I would get into the best University I could, so that I would get the best job I could and reach my fullest potential. But not so long ago, I realised there was something quite fundamental that I was missing in all of that, a lesson that I can better express through the example of the bamboo tree.

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Blessing is a start of a new journey

True Parents started the tradition of “The Blessing”, signifying that God gives us something special when we enter a blessed marriage. As we approach this important time in our lives, it is therefore worthy to remind ourselves of the real blessings we can receive from this. Continue reading

A Blessed Child and a Light Bulb (Essay by Geros, 2011)

… When we look at Blessed Children, we can easily be ‘the fool’ who fails to recognize their significance. Indeed, Blessed Children are not that different from other children. Their ‘light’ is not necessarily much brighter if we look at it from a very external perspective and try to evaluate their current performance…

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