Summer 2017 Motto

“Difference Makers” 

Fearless. Centred. Hopeful.


“God works through the person who lives for the future, studies for the future, fights for the future, hopes for the future, and goes forward to make a new future”
True Father, March 19th, 1973

Difference Makers: Our identity is to become people who can be the change God wants to see in the world. With every person we meet, in each challenge we face, in every opportunity that is given to us, how can we live as God’s difference makers? This summer, we want to explore why God is calling on us to take responsibility to make a difference, and how we can make a difference in our own unique way. We want to come together, proud of our identity as Blessed Children. We want to be Difference Makers who are fearless, centred and hopeful.

Fearless: As teenagers and young adults, we are creating ourselves. Each one of us has our unique strengths and qualities, born with the potential to offer something really great to those around us. But we need to stand strong to face the many pressures and challenges that tempt us to doubt ourselves and give into our insecurities. We need to be courageous and fearless on our path.

Centred: As we move forward in life, we want to be rooted in a growing understanding of God, True Parents and the Principle. In a world of change and opposing viewpoints, our strength will come from being people of conscience and internally clear. Our strength will come from being centred; well balanced, stable and a clear focus on what is important.

Hopeful: True Parents teach us that we need to keep a positive and hopeful attitude, holding onto a vision and ideal, regardless of the circumstances. Difference makers don’t compromise on their standard by giving into life’s challenges. Rather, they overcome life’s challenges by willingly taking responsibility again and again to make things better.

Let’s dare to live life this way. And let’s reconnect this summer to support each other to do so.

Based on this motto, we warmly invite you to apply for our Summer Activities 2017 as a participant or as part of our staff team. Please read through the workshop descriptions and follow the registration process. We look forward to growing together, and nurturing our bonds as Blessed family members.