Mobilise WS

Date: 20th July – 5th August 2019
Place: Slovakia
Age group: 17 and older
Workshop director: Martin Alexy
Application deadline: 1st June
WS fee: 450 EUR

Based on the successful Mobilise 2018 we will carry on with the new format of this workshop. It will offer 3 main activities: DP education, service project and mountain challenge, taking place at different locations within Slovakia. Programme will also consist of sports, games and other team activities. This workshop is based on tradition of 21-day Mobilisation; we include Divine Principle education combined with Matching and Blessing guidance relevant for the age group.

This workshop offers education through a variety of key learning activities in different locations. Additionally, it is a longer workshop with a smaller group than usual, so there is a special opportunity to bond and build friendships for life. Local service projects provide a chance to practise serving others, contributing to our community and having a taste of what it means to serve selflessly. The Mountain Challenge is a novel and exciting activity which will allow us to enjoy beautiful nature of Slovakia. We will hike through the mountains and camp outdoors (if weather permits) or stay in mountain huts.

The workshop is for all those who are looking for a more varied experience of developing your relationship with God through exploring the DP, service work and mountain challenge. Please be aware that spaces are limited, so apply soon.

Please note that the workshop fulfils one of the educational qualifications (participation in extended education) to attend the Blessing.

Registration is closed!

You will be kindly asked to pay a registration deposit fee after the registration. 

Travel info 
Arrival: on 20th July to Dunajska Luzna, Slovakia
Departure: on 5th August from Dunajska Luzna, Slovakia

Local transport: Please plan your trip to Dunajska Luzna. There is regular connection from Bratislava Main train station (Hlavna stanica) by the train and Bratislava Central bus station (at Mlynske Nivy) to Dunajska Luzna (check the location of the centre in google maps). One way ticket cost about 1,50 EUR. You can find schedules for your travel online at (select English in the bottom right corner). Note that Vienna airport is very close; there is a regular bus service and it only takes about 60 minutes to come from Vienna airport to Bratislava Central bus station 🙂

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