ODP+ Workshop

Date: 20th August – 29th August 2021
Place: Neumuehle Seminarhaus, Bad Camberg, Germany
Age group: 18 and older
WS Directors: Julius Alexy, Patrick & Yebuny Hanna
Updated Workshop fee:
290 240 EUR (due to sponsorship from EUME HQ)

The ODP+ (Original Divine Personality+) workshop is a precious opportunity for those aged 18+ to go through some focused and stimulating spiritual training. The ODP+ workshop has developed year upon year, and has been consistently challenging, as well as rewarding and enjoyable. This summer we continue with a regular format of a 12-day workshop and provide once again, a very memorable experience.

Through the content, there is a chance to experience the core of Father’s teachings, and also the core aspects of Second Gen education and care from years of experience. Indeed, the importance of connecting personally to God, True Parents, and other key relationships in our lives is a strong emphasis throughout the programme.  As well as the focused education, a lot of the atmosphere that makes this workshop comes from the energy and relationships that participants build in their teams, supported by team challenges, sports and activities. The education will encourage participants to explore their Original Divine Personality together.

This workshop is open to all 18+ who are looking to go deeper and who want to invest in creating an experience that will revitalise you and your spiritual life. Whether you are graduating high school, planning to take a gap-year, studying at university or working, this might be the right choice for you to make a positive change – with an experienced staff team to provide personal support and pastoral care. The experience cannot be explained easily, but it will be worth the commitment if you are open to make the effort.

Please note that the workshop fulfils one of the educational qualifications (participation in extended education) to attend the Blessing. We are confident that this experience can make a substantial contribution towards preparation for the matching and blessing, and to provide both a detox and recharge for a fresh start.

Registration process:

  1. Register online (use the link below) – we are accepting people to the waiting list.
  2. You will receive an automatic reply to the email address provided by you on the registration form. You can check that your registration went through. Please check your email including the SPAM folder.
  3. We will send a confirmation email within 2 days, in case there is a place for you – we will use email address you provided at the registration.
  4. Please wait for the confirmation email before booking your travel!

Register online here.

Please read Summer workshops update as of 22 July here.

Requirement to present COVID-19 negative test results
In order to mitigate risks and comply with regulations:

  • Each person (participant and staff) is required to present a negative test result when arriving at the workshop site. The test result must pertain to a test taken no earlier than 48 hours (for antigen tests) or 72 hours (for PCR tests) beforehand.
  • Those who are fully vaccinated (date of the second vaccination minimum 15 days before the workshop) do not need to present the negative test results. However, they are required to present the proof of vaccination.
  • Those who have recovered from COVID-19 (at least 28 days and a maximum of 6 months before the workshop) do not need to present the negative test results. However, they are required to present the proof of previous infection.

Other safety measures related to COVID-19
In order to mitigate risks we ask each participant and staff following:

  • Assess your health situation before starting the travel to the workshop. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 please refrain from travelling. If you have been in contact with anyone who tested positive up to 14 days before the workshop, please communicate with your local medical center and take their advice on whether it is safe and responsible for you to travel to the workshop – alongside taking the necessary test.
  • Please be responsible during your travel to the workshop. When travelling by airplane, train or coach – wear a facemask whenever indoors if your medical condition allows it (in the cabins but also inside the airports and stations, restaurants etc). Use hand sanitizer. Follow all the requirements and guidelines of the travel carrier.
  • There will be additional rules that we will need to follow at each workshop. We will explain the rules at the start of each workshop. Everyone will be responsible for complying with the regulations and safety precautions which will be agreed upon and explained clearly at the workshop.
  • Please bring hand sanitizer and facemasks in sufficient amount (disposable masks and/or fabric masks which can be washed).

Travel info 
Arrival: on 20th August by 19:00 to Bad Camberg.
Departure: on 29th August from 9:00 from Bad Camberg,
Local transport: Please plan your trip to and from Bad Camberg, there is regular connection from Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt Main train station by the train. We will arrange pick up from the Bad Camberg train station. Below you can find more details how to travel there.

Travel information how to go to Bad Camberg

  1. Travel from Frankfurt main train station (Hauptbahnhof) to Bad Camberg train station

There is a regular train connection (every 30 min. or every 15 min. in rush hours) directly to Bad Camberg. You will use Regional trains direction to Limburg (Lahn) Bahnhof. Journey from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to Bad Camberg takes 45 min. We will provide pick up at the Bad Camberg train station.

  1. Travel from Frankfurt International Airport

You will need to take a train (S-bahn) to Frankfurt main train station (Hauptbahnhof). When you arrive at Frankfurt International Airport then you will either arrive at Terminal 1 or at Terminal 2. The train station is located in Terminal 1 so those that will arrive at Terminal 2 will first have to take the ‘Sky Line’ heading towards Terminal 1. All trains heading towards Frankfurt train station depart from platform 1 (Gleis 1) from the airport train station. You will need to buy a train ticket from the vending machine – you can use both cash or credit card. Buy a ticket to Bad Camberg and then you use the same ticket for the connecting train to Bad Camberg.

There is a regular train connection (every 15 min.) directly to Frankfurt and the journey takes 11 min. Once you arrive to Frankfurt main train station (Hauptbahnhof), take another train to Bad Camberg (see previous description). We will provide pick up at the Bad Camberg train station.

  1. Travel from Frankfurt Hahn Airport

When you arrive at Hahn airport you need to catch a shuttle bus that will take you to Frankfurt am Main train station via Frankfurt International Airport. Journey takes about 90 minutes.

Once you arrive to Frankfurt main train station (Hauptbahnhof), take a train to Bad Camberg (see previous description). We will provide pick up at the Bad Camberg train station.

For viewing train schedules you can use this planner