Senior HARP Workshop

Date: 14th – 22nd August 2017
Place: Neumuehle Seminarhaus, Bad Camberg, Germany
Age group: born in 1998 – 2001
WS directors: Melanie Riesch and Patrick Hanna
Application deadline: 1st July
Regular WS fee:
220 EUR

We are very excited to invite those of you who are in the elder HARP age-group, to this year’s European Senior workshop! As always, this is the best opportunity in the year to reconnect with friends from all over Europe, to build new friendships and to gain strength and clarity about our shared identity and path as blessed children.

Surrounded by beautiful nature and a very special environment, the workshop will be held in Bad Camberg (for the first time in 13 years!) – the perfect place for a range of sports and team-building activities, as well as reconnecting to our roots and rich history.

There will be relevant and relatable content to go deeper into what it means to live a daily life of faith, along with discussions and interactive activities. Through the mixture of challenging, reflective and team activities, we want to build an atmosphere where we create wonderful, lasting memories that remind us of our potential and our connection as brothers and sisters. There will also be a variety of education and testimonies given by elder second gen and educators to share lessons and perspectives that can strengthen our commitment in living our life as God’s “difference makers”. The world needs people who are fearless, centred and hopeful ~ and we are born to offer that. Come and join us this summer to re-discover and strengthen your contribution to our unique calling.

Note: the workshop can be combined with the ODP+ WS for those who want a longer and fuller experience. Please check out the Summer WS Package!

Register online here latest by 1 July!
You will be kindly asked to pay a registration deposit fee after the registration.

Travel info 
Arrival: on 14th August by 19:00 to Bad Camberg
Departure: on 22nd August from 8:00 from Bad Camberg
Local transport: Please plan your trip to and from Bad Camberg, there is regular connection from Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt Main train station by the train. We will arrange pick up from the Bad Camberg train station. You can find more details how to travel there below.

snr 05.jpg

Travel information how to go to Bad Camberg

  1. Travel from Frankfurt main train station (Hauptbahnhof) to Bad Camberg train station

There is a regular train connection (every 30 min. or every 15 min. in rush hours) directly to Bad Camberg. You will use Regional trains direction to Limburg (Lahn) Bahnhof. Journey from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to Bad Camberg takes 45 min. We will provide pick up at the Bad Camberg train station.

  1. Travel from Frankfurt International Airport

You will need to take a train (S-bahn) to Frankfurt main train station (Hauptbahnhof). When you arrive at Frankfurt International Airport then you will either arrive at Terminal 1 or at Terminal 2. The train station is located in Terminal 1 so those that will arrive at Terminal 2 will first have to take the ‘Sky Line’ heading towards Terminal 1. All trains heading towards Frankfurt train station depart from platform 1 (Gleis 1) from the airport train station. You will need to buy a train ticket from the vending machine – you can use both cash or credit card. Buy a ticket to Bad Camberg and then you use the same ticket for the connecting train to Bad Camberg.

There is a regular train connection (every 15 min.) directly to Frankfurt and the journey takes 11 min. Once you arrive to Frankfurt main train station (Hauptbahnhof), take another train to Bad Camberg (see previous description). We will provide pick up at the Bad Camberg train station.

  1. Travel from Frankfurt Hahn Airport

When you arrive at Hahn airport you need to catch a shuttle bus that will take you to Frankfurt am Main train station via Frankfurt International Airport. Journey takes about 90 minutes and you can find bus schedules here

Once you arrive to Frankfurt main train station (Hauptbahnhof), take a train to Bad Camberg (see previous description). We will provide pick up at the Bad Camberg train station.

For viewing train schedules you can use this planner

We will provide pick up from Bad Camberg train station at these times: 15:20, 16:20, 17:00, 17:50, 18:40. If you however arrive at another time please call us and tell us about your arrival time. Phone number +49-643-473-76