Summer Motto 2015

‘‘Your © Matters’’

© is the copyright symbol. God has made us all unique and we have a different combination of qualities that make us who we are. These qualities are copyrighted to you alone and are yours to develop and express. No one can ©reate what you can, no one is ©ool in the same way you are, no one ©ares like you do. Each person has the potential to create such value. But the question is, do you have the ©ourage to share it?

Does your © stand for your Choices, Clarity, Conviction, Courage, Confidence, Creativity and Care? It is your Copyright and you are the owner. But you can do more by sharing the things that matter most to others – because that’s what life is all about.
We want to create multiple meanings through this motto across the different workshops, focusing on the most important ©s. These ©s are core to our own happiness, to others and to God and True Parents. We want True Love to be our trade-mark; because You Matter and your choice to take ownership of your spiritual life matters more than we can realise. There are many tricks and trends of society around us that limit our potential and spirituality. We need to catch the unique value that each one of us has, so that we can be courageous, confident and clearer in our choices and convictions.