2017 Summer Package: SNR WS & ODP+ WS

This year we are encouraging participants to consider attending the Summer Package of both the Senior Workshop and the ODP+ Workshop!

Date: 14th  August – 31st August 2017
Place: Neumuehle Seminarhaus, Bad Camberg, Germany
Age group: 18-19 years old 
Application deadline:
1st July
Regular WS package fee:
450 EUR

We wanted to bring the SNR WS back to Camberg, to experience the beauty and spirit of the training centre and the surrounding countryside. Additionally, we have shortened the ODP+ to make it more accessible for those who have limited holidays. However, as both of them are in the same location, it gives the opportunity for some staff and participants to be involved in both activities (the departure day for the Senior will be followed by the arrival day for the ODP+).

Please note that the 2017 Summer Package fulfils one of the educational qualification (participation in extended education) to attend the Blessing.

More information about each workshop:
Senior HARP WS

Register online latest by 1 July! 
In the registration indicate that you are registering for the summer package. You will be kindly asked to pay registration deposit fee after the registration.