Summer 2018 Motto


Going Deeper – growing our invisible treasures

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Too many of us, too often, base our value on external things that we can see and compare. Too many of us, too often, do not go deep enough to understand the true values in our life. This summer’s motto is about choosing to go deeper, to search inside our hearts and discover our true, invisible treasures. We want to dive deep into God’s pure waters, so that we can rise above the shallow culture which surrounds us. Through looking inwardly, we want to develop a courageous vision for our lives; an ‘inner-vision’, rooted in the right priorities and a brighter view of ourselves, our relationships, and what we can uniquely offer to the world.

This summer’s motto is a call for all of us to take greater responsibility for our spiritual growth. We want to gain the confidence, the tools and the perspectives that can transform us into people who live and love courageously. By going deeper into the Hopes that God, True Parents, and our Parents have for us, we want to gain a truer perspective of our value and responsibility as Blessed Children. And in connecting our Hearts to something greater, our personal vision and God’s vision for our lives can grow closer together.

Through all the diverse activities, we will seek our ‘Inner-Vision’ by studying the Principle, True Parents’ life and teachings, and the experiences of other Blessed Children on the path we share. We want to create an environment where we can learn in a relatable and fresh way through a range of voices and activities. It will be a precious time to invest in genuine friendships as brothers and sisters, to connect as younger siblings to elder siblings, and for elders to serve and grow together. We warmly welcome you to get involved this Summer 2018 – see you there!

“The conscience is God’s agent within the human mind. It is not self-centered but exists for the sake of God’s righteousness. It constantly seeks the direction of goodness.” True Father

We warmly invite you to apply for our Summer Activities 2018 as a participant or as part of our staff team. Please read through the workshop descriptions and follow the registration process. We look forward to growing together, and nurturing our bonds as Blessed family members.