Treasures of Heaven

Date: 12th – 17th July 2016
Place: Neumuehle, Camberg
Who for: Treasures of Heaven families with children aged 16 and older
Co-Directors: Lisa Janssen, Maria Pammer and Grace Cho (Barata)
Application deadline: 10th June 2016
Workshop fee: 160 EUR for TOH participants / 70 EUR for volunteers

The Treasures of Heaven Ministry in the European Blessed Family Department was created to provide a care and support network for Families with children with mental and physical disabilities. Treasure of Heaven WS is the joint project of ToH Ministry, BFED and ESGD.

We are happy to announce the return of the Treasures of Heaven Summer Camp; once again it will be in the wonderful environment of our Camberg training centre. This camp was designed to support 2nd generation with physical and/or mental disabilities, which would inhibit them from joining in other activities independently. Therefore, it is required that at least one parent accompanies the participant. This workshop is designed with families in mind – there will be activities for everyone together, as well as separate programs for the TOH participants and for the parents – including art therapy, creativity, sport, sharing and connecting together.

As Camberg Seminarhaus has limited space, it would be helpful if you could already let us know if you would consider participating. The fee will be 160 EUR per person, plus travel expenses – we are trying to gather enough funds to considerably contribute towards supporting the participating families – the costs should not be a barrier to participate!

We also appreciate if you could let us know about your own ideas and wishes for the program; no one knows your child better than yourself, his/her hobbies, skills and limitations, physical and mental situation etc. This is a workshop which we want to create together as Blessed family members – to experience God’s love for each other. Your personal wishes and needs as a parents group are equally important – while our team of volunteers will take care of the TOH young adults, you will have time to share, bond, receive counseling, discuss, study, plan, have fun and much more!

Additionally, we welcome volunteers to support the program of activities, and to provide personal care for the participants. We want to recruit staff members, as well as ‘professionals’ in the fields of Special Needs education and assistance, sports, dance, music and creativity.

In previous years the experience of working with our Treasures of Heaven Blessed Children was very positive – it helps to develop the heart of sibling love, and for most of the volunteers it was their first time to interact with someone with special needs. Although it is a prerequisite to have an attitude of unconditional support, in previous years, Blessed Children who volunteered felt they gained even more than they invested.

We’ll do our utmost best to give you a great experience. We want to welcome those who have experienced the camp in previous years, but also want to reach out to new Treasures of Heaven families and volunteers.

If you have any specific questions regarding your personal situation, please contact Lisa Janssen or Maria Pammer directly: Lisa at, Maria at
Second Generation volunteers please contact Grace Cho at if you have any questions.

If you would like to register for the WS, either as a participating family or as a volunteer, please do so via the appropriate link below:

Our family would like to participate in the TOH WS

I would like to volunteer to support the TOH WS

Please do get in touch if you are interested, as the sooner we hear from you, the better we can prepare to support you.